Jan 05

Tease-n-Tone/ Pole Prep


So you wanna learn to Pole Dance? Awesome!! The thing is, you gotta be strong to work the pole Diva! No worries, Diva Dance Tease-n-Tone is specially designed to get you into Pole Dancing shape. In this class you will learn the art of sensual movement, strengthen your upper body & core, and increase your flexibility. This class coupled with Pole Position 101 will have you ready to advance to Pole 200 where all the spins, holds, and killer move live!! The class incorporates elements of Yoga, Striptease, & Pilates, its sexy, fun, & a great workout!


8p – 9p  
Fun Dance Fitness
1654 E 87th St 
$15 Drop In  

 Register Now Online

Dec 19


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Jun 08

Under Attack!

The latest & greatest Blog Post from the Head Diva!

http://clutchmagonline.com/2011/05/the-rising-attacks-on-black-women-since-the-presence-of-michelle-obama/ (click the link or the image to read the original article)

After reading this powerful article I had to write about it and sent in a post to a discussion group in which I participate.

Given the rise of Barack Obama w/ Michelle at his side, the powers that be want to keep more Black Men from realizing their true potential, so they are attacking the beauty,femininity, & desirableness of strong, educated, powerful Black women. They know that if a Black Man hooks up with and builds a life a woman like this he will flourish and together they will be the Kings& Queens in the world (no not like rule the world, but be powerful, influential and transformative). Strong, professional, opinionated, powerful women push their mates to do more than he ever imagined. Quiet, mild-mannered, under-achieving women help their mates be satisfied with mediocrity. If a man wants to soar, he has to find an eagle with which to fly.

Don’t believe the hype Brothas, hurry and find your true equal so you can rise& shine! We’re waiting. –>Kania

(I posted a version of the above and got an interesting reply, see below)

“Given the rise of Barack Obama w/ Michelle at his side, the powers that be want to keep more Black Men from realizing their true potential” So, this just happened with with rise of Barack Obama? So, when Ray Ray was out looking for a job …and he was told there were none you accused him of making excuses now you all can see it. Some of our people are so pathetic when it comes to the poor and suffering of our people there’s no room for them to make a statement like this but the uppity negros can

He did not finish his response, so I am not sure where he was going with it, but based on what he did write I then responded:

M*** I am not sure what you’re talking about. This is a commentary on the overt attacks on women like Michelle Obama b/c we (yes I apologetically include myself in this category) are key to Black men rising up to their true station in life. This is about why all of a sudden in the past few years we are seeing news stories and articles on why educated black women “can’t get married” and lately why Black women are physically unattractive.

If you read the article, it points out how Michelle Obama’s existence reality defies all the stereotypes and criticisms of Black Women and in particular highly educated Black Women.

She is an accomplished career woman and executive who at some point in their relationship OUT EARNED and OUT RANKED Barack Obama and SOMEHOW he managed to pursue and date her in spite of the fact that he had less money and less status. She is in shape, supportive of her man (even though she, OMG, “challenged” him in public from time to time), and an awesome mother. They are example of what happens when a man with boundless potential seeks out a woman who may temporarily be “above” him in the material/physical world yet is equal in the material, intellectual, and spiritual world. They are an example of what happens when you choose a mate who is your equal vs someone you can dominate and control or who can “take care of you” financially. What happens when a man gets with a woman who can challenge him and push him to the next level vs simply accept him settling for where he is now. And what happens when a woman evaluates a man based on his character vs his checking account.

However on this page (a Facebook discussion group) we have people obsessed with how soon a woman should “give it up” and whether or not men should get pedicures on a regular basis as measures of their worth and datability (yes I made up a word). REALLY?

EVERY single man on this page who is not breaking his neck to connect with a woman who can go toe-to-toe with him in the professional arena is selling himself short. His is putting a cap on what he can accomplish b/c as far as he can go on his own, he will go 10x’s further with his complement by his side. Whether or not she is actively in the workplace (ie Michelle Obama is not working a job right now (for a paycheck), BUT she is working everyday towards improving out community, not at home cooking and cleaning) gentlemen you need to make it a priority to date and marry a woman who you know could do just as good if not a better job than you if she chose. This is who you want to be your life partner, someone just like you, and maybe even a little smarter b/c a true genius surrounds him/herself with people better than themselves so they can rise even higher.

There is nothing to be wary of b/c in reality, we will support you b/c you are a reflection of us and we know that when you shine we shine. Women like us have no problem falling back and supporting you when you’re ready to make your move (ie Michelle taking a leave from her job to support Barack on the campaign and in the White House). We have no problem supporting you TEMPORARILY financially while you strategically make moves and plan to be the best! We are excited to be by your side encouraging and sometimes behind you gently (or not so gently) pushing you forward. When the time is right, we look forward to leaving the workplace and working in service to our community vs worrying about a paycheck. We are grateful when you come into your greatness in the physical/material world b/c we ALWAY knew you would b/c we saw the greatness in you character when you had little to nothing and knew it was just a matter of time.

Do you know how to spot, court, and keep such a woman? I say not b/c in reality over 70% of us are single and our 1# complaint is that the men who approach us simply do not treat us the way we want to be treated.

Ray Ray out looking for a job is not a Barack Obama caliber man. If he was he would say “Screw you and your job, I’m going to start a business and find a strong educated woman with a background in entrepreneurship to build it with me.” He would not be depressed b/c “the man” won’t give him a chance. He won’t feel “emasculated” b/c his woman makes more than him or he’s in a temporary financial bind. He won’t seek out a mousy, quiet woman to stroke his ego and tell him he’s great when he’s being a punk. He will know in his heart that no matter what his bank balance or employment status that he is a king and he will seek out a woman who is worthy of his TRUE SELF.

But hey, let’s keep talking about whether or not its okay for a man to use coupons on the first date and why a woman with more than 1 Baby Daddy doesn’t deserve a man with no kids. LOL

****end tirade

There is not much more to say other than it is important for Black people not to fall into this trap of letting the media dictate how we perceive and think of one another. We have to actively refute the statistics they put out there and stay vigilant about who we say we are vs what the world wants us to believe about ourselves and each other.

If you’re not a part of the Chris Nolen KIR community, you should join b/c its a lot of fun!

Mar 16

Spring Cleaning!

Hello Devas!

Spring is here and it’s time to clean up, clear out, and freshen up!  You know we look at being Fit, Fabulous, and Satisfied from the Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Emotional so  let’s take them each on!


The physical realm is the easiest to clean out.  Clean out your home  and body for a fresh clean space to live in!

Nature's Sunshine Natural Cleaning Products

Toxin Free Cleaning Products for your home!

Toxin Free Natural Cleaners!

Have a clean home and a green home with the Nature’s Fresh line of natural cleaning products [Click to Order]. The Home Pack is a convenient way to purchase the entire Nature’s Fresh product line at a great price!  If you choose to purchase, our sponsor number is 2600228-9 our phone number is 877-634-8264

Make Your own cleaning products with the recipes featured here>>

Clean out your body!

Detox Your BODY!

CleanStart®  helps protect your body from common colon toxins that affect your overall health. This two-week program supports natural waste elimination to provide a sense of improved energy and well-being. CleanStart is easy to take and is balanced for more complete results. [Click to order]

Participate in the 5 Week Detox with Lioness Jade at www.MarchDetox.Eventbrite.com


What you hear, read, and think about can be toxic.  Start a mental detox with great books!  Check out our book store for some awesome recommendations.

  • Minimizing negative lyrics by listening to uplifting music or music without words!
  • Meditate to find out what you’re thinking and then replace negative thoughts with Affirmations and Positive Mantras
  • Empty your mind of negative thoughts by journaling.  Simply write out the crazy thoughts.  You can then burn them or flush them away!
  • Limit your interactions with negative/toxic people and conversations.  It may mean its time to change up your circle


Carrying around toxic emotional baggage prohibits you experiencing a joyful satisfying life and having fabulous relationships.  Clearing emotional baggage takes some work but can be done! Contact Us for additional resources

  • The Landmark Forum: excellent 3 day program that will help you identify and disconnect from emotional baggage facilitated by Landmark Education
  • The Presence Process: Awesome book and 10-Week exercise that is about emotional detoxification
  • Sista Night Spiritual Spa: phenomenal program to kick start emotional transformation facilitated by the Spiritual Transformation Center


Erroneous spiritual beliefs can actually disconnect you from God!  Being disconnected from the Father/Creator results in hell on earth!  This spring cleaning takes a lot of effort and one on one coaching, but if you take it on, it will Transform your life into something unbelievably joyful!   Contact Us for more info or get started with a few books.

Feb 16

Books that Will Change Your Life!

I read… a lot and one of the keys to my transformation has been all the knowledge I have soaked up over the years.  Reading is one of those things that I don’t think you can avoid if you plan to win.  Consider that for years it was outlawed for everyone the powers that be wanted to keep in the dark!  In Europe during the Dark Ages,only the elite and the clergy were allowed to read.  During slavery in America it was illegal for a Black person to know how or be taught to read.  For many years women were discouraged from reading!  Why because knowledge is power!

Having to rely on what someone else tells you makes you very vulnerable.  When something it written down you can go back and reference it. Relying on your and other people’s memories is suspect because we all know we forget things!  So I am sharing with you books I have read that have made the difference for me!


Dec 29

D.A.S.H. Devas Against Stripclubs & Ho’s

I am not a fan of strip clubs and definitely not of Ho’s.  In theory strip clubs are harmless, but as of right now they are not used in the most empowering manner and they are not one of my favorite places to frequent.  I’ve been in a few, especially when I was first starting my company, Diva Dance (Exoticise, LLC is the parent company to Diva Dance.  We teach women the art of exotic dancing (pole dancing, striptease, lap dancing, and bellydancing) for fun & fitness.)  I think stripping is great!  Men love to see women’s bodies move and after seeing the movie Burlesque for the second time, I have to admit I do too (for different reasons though).  Dance is exciting and intoxicating!  I love to do it, I love to watch it, and I love to teach it.

However, most strip clubs are not about dancing and performance.  When I ventured into my first one out of curiousity with my honey, I just didn’t get it.  There was no real dancing going on, just women wiggling around on stage, against a pole, and on a guy.  I guess I was expecting a full on show like what you see in Vegas or in the movie Striptease with Demi Moore.  I wanted costumes, themes, and choreography!  Burlesque on the other hand delivers all that more!  I loved the movie, the music, the costumes, and all the sexy dancing!  I think EVERY woman should be comfortable enough with herself, her body and her partner to  entertain him with exotic dance (register for one of my upcoming workshops if you live in the Chicago Area).

Going out and dancing suggestively can be an excellent way to release/exchange sexual energy in a harmless manner, but sex and intimacy are meant to be shared between people in loving committed relationships. Stripclubs and Ho’s provide an artificial unfulfilling source of connection between men and women. It doesn’t work for me.

Join me Wednesday January 5th for the 2011 Kick off of Devatude Radio.  Our topic is D.A.S.H. Devas Against Strip Clubs and Ho’s!  It’s gonna be juicey.  Listen online and chat live at www.Blogtalkradio.com/devatude or call in and participate on air at (914)803-4737  11:30a CST / 12:30p EST.

Dec 29

Diva Dance Winter 2011 Workshps

Keep Your Man Flier

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Sep 23

Diva Dance Lessons in Hyde Park!

Yay!!! I am pleased to announce that this fall (Mid October) Diva Dance Classes will be offered in Hyde Park! I just left a meeting with the phenomenal Head Deva of Chaturanga Holistic Fitness, a new wellness center open in the area, she is a request to bring Fitness for the Fabulous to the space. Marylee is the bomb and totally gets that Diva Dance and Exoticise is about empowering women to heal their mind body and spirit and embrace their feminine power! We will have classes on Sunday and Friday evening to start and there is a five (5) student minimum for each class. Stay tuned for more updates for when and how to register! I am so excited and can’t wait to see all my lovely ladies again!